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Very grateful for the opportunity to have a great discussion with John Paganini, MBA CPHIMS earlier last month. He has phenomenal insight in tech as it pertains to a plethora of industries! This is the first of several interviews I've recorded for release in the coming months. I am still working on having some more formal means of getting this out there (should be on itunes and google play podcasts by tomorrow morning). However, I am pretty happy with how these came out. Stay tuned for more! hashtagiot hashtagpodcast hashtagtech hashtaghealthcare

Published on Apr 7, 2019

John Paganini, MBA, CPHIMS, founder of IoT Directions, walks us through some of the challenges in implementing IoT for healthcare institutions as well as manufacturing in the mid-west.

Blockchain technology offers opportunity for Northeast Ohio manufacturers, CEO says

This article published in the Lake County News-Herald on Feb 27, 2019 features John Paganini explaining blockchain and potential benefits to the manufacturing sector.  The article also features David Vance, president of QualTech Technologies describing additional insights.



Chapter Contributor:
Innovations In Radiology

Voices of Innovation: Fulfilling the Promise of Information Technology in Healthcare

Edward W. Marx
January 2019

We can all point to random examples of innovation inside of healthcare information technology, but few repeatable processes exist that make innovation more routine than happenstance. How do you create and sustain a culture of innovation? What are the best practices you can refine and embed as part of your organization's DNA? What are the potential outcomes for robust healthcare transformation when we get this innovation mystery solved? Loaded with numerous case studies and stories of successful innovation projects, this book helps the reader understand how to leverage innovation to help fulfill the promise of healthcare information technology in enabling superior business and clinical outcomes.


Cleveland is Open for Business.
Blockchain in Healthcare

December 2018


Kirtland Article

Feature Article in Kirtland, OH Newspaper

From NY to Kirtland, IT Guru John Paganini Shares Success Story

By Donna Robinson
November 2018

Article highlighting love of family and mentions a few career achievements.

PCMA 2018 Interview

Global Center still has room to grow

2016: ClevelandSummit Panlist John Paganini discusses HIMSS's priorities when it comes to the future of healthcare including Blockchain

Broadband Health Technology and the Underserved – Why We Should Care

Interview with Jacqueline Beaulieu, HMCC, Director, Strategic Marketing & Client Engagement at Poretta & Orr

HIMSS is extending Global Center stay

PCMAEC Hackathons Deconstructed

 A Perfect Storm of Innovation

Data Days Cleveland 2017

The Innovation & Growth Opportunity Adventure

The Inaugural Innovation Adventure

The Global Center for Health Innovation, located in Cleveland, Ohio and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program of Cleveland are teaming up to bring you the Innovation & Growth Opportunity Adventure. This innovative experience, hosted by HIMSS at their Conference Center, will bring together Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni with energized and committed “first movers” at the Global Center for a day of exploration, collaboration and discovery that we hope will result in connections of impact, growth and ultimately an ongoing program that sparks innovation in healthcare.

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